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First Ever ‘Knitting Oil’ Manufacturing Plant In Bangladesh To Reduce Cost For Knitting Industries

14 December, 2017

Figure 1: The management of Dutch Lube Company Ltd. are seen in the picture from 2nd left to right are A P Katoch, Director, Vijesh Patel, Chairman, Engr. Kawsar Alam Sikder, CEO and   including Engr. Md. Kawsar Alam Sikder, CEO and Md. Noor Iman, Managing Director.

Bangladesh is a reputed big manufacturer of knitwear goods. And so it has one of the largest knitting capacities in the world. Particularly in case of cotton yarn knitting Bangladesh is one of the leaders in the world. But its knitting mills have been suffering for profitability crisis. Because of increasing cost of production and less value addition their profitability has almost been died out.
In this reality ‘Dutch Lube Company Ltd’ has come up with solutions to help local knitting mills to reduce their production cost significantly as if they remain cost effective and business viable. The company recently has inaugurated first ever knitting oil manufacturing factory in Bangladesh. They are supplying superior quality cost effective knitting oil to the knitting mills which is reducing knitting cost significantly.
While asked about cost reduction possibilities Engr. Kawsar Alam Sikder, CEO of Dutch Lube Company Ltd. told that by doing some small adjustments most of the knitting factories can double its productivity and reduce its wastage by more than 50 percent. He further identified four major opportunities to reduce cost a) increasing productivity b) reducing process loss, wastage c) chemical cost reduction d) less electricity cost. He informs that if the knitting mills use ‘Texlube’ (the brand of Dutch Lube Company Ltd) they will be able to increase productivity significantly by reducing needle and other machine breakdown, the oil is itself cost effective reducing oil cost and there will be no additional processes & chemicals in oil removals. As machine will run smoothly with less friction, Mr. Kawsar confirmed that using ‘Dutch Lube’ knitting oils will reduce electricity consumption cost as well.
Knitting machine is the heart of the knitting mills. And lube oil is the life for that machinery. To run knitting machine efficiently at its optimum productivity for a long life using right lube oil is very important. And So Vijesh Patel, Chairman of ‘Dutch Lube Company Ltd’ found to be very confident while talking to this report. Mr. Patel told that his company is being market leader in India for many years and now accommodating more than 80 percent of the market share. “Over many years our oil ‘Texlube’ has been trusted partner of the knitting machine. And in Bangladesh also our clients are our partners and we work with them with complete trust and partnership. To support them better we have establish the manufacturing plant here. Now we will be able to supply global top quality knitting oil every day to our clients helping them reducing inventory and supply lead time reduction.” said Mr. Patel.
While Textile Today asked Vijesh Patel why he has chosen Bangladesh for setting knitting oil manufacturing plant, he told that Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporter in the world. And the country has one of the largest knitting capacities in the world. And so he finds this market is a potential market for his kitting oil. He also confidently told that ‘Over the years we will invest more in Bangladesh to increase production capacity and we will be able to export oil to countries like Vietnam, Cambodia etc. from Bangladesh.”
Mr. Patel emphasized on the importance of quality of the knitting oil and its consistency. He mentioned that knitting oil is very sensitive. If something goes wrong customers’ high cost machinery will be affected they will suffer huge loss. And so we are heavily committed on quality and its consistency. We have full pledged laboratory here in Bangladesh. We test entire raw materials; we test the product three times before dispatching the goods to the customer. Mr. Patel further stressed that we know for knitting oil if one get any complaint from clients you are out of the business. And so we take no chance in quality and we set full proof quality assurance protocol in place with zero tolerance. He added.
Md. Noor Iman, Managing Director of Dutch Lube Company Ltd. further confirmed that we are getting great response from Bangladesh market. We are clients are using ‘Texlube’ oils with full confidence and have been able reduce cost and increased performance by on an average 40 percent.
Dutch Lube Company Ltd, is a joint venture company of Bangladesh and India. The inauguration of the first production in Bangladesh has held on 16 August, 2017 at a Hotel in Dhaka. More than 50 knitting industry professionals from different knitting mills were present on the occasion. Among other top officials from Northern Toshrifa Gruop, Ratul Group, Shahbaz Knitting industry ltd, Knit Asia Group, Knit Concern Group, Esquire Knit Ind, Crony group, Texcrup (bd) Ltd, Purbani Knitting ltd, Dird Composite Ltd, HAMS Group were present at the inauguration ceremony.
Engr. Kawsar Alam Sikder, CEO, Dutch Lube Company Ltd explained their product and how this product contributes to the knitting industry in Bangladesh. He said that this company started in 2014 and the Texlube-22 is more sustainable, cost effective and it also increases productivity. It is the only one Bangladeshi branded knitting oil. It is suitable for all types of knitting machine.
Figure 2: Features of TexLube-22, a key product of Dutch Lube Company Ltd.
Figure 2: Key advantages of ‘Texlube’ over other European standard knitting oil.
Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President ITET and IEB (Textile Division), Managing Director, HAMS Group was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Mr. Rahman said, “It is the best platform for knitting industry. I think quality machine is important, but proper maintenance is more important.”
“The market is competitive, I suggest to the entrepreneur to give focus on price and quality. We will help technical support from ITET for this company”, he added.
Figure 3: ITET President Engr. Shafiqur Rahman assured support in his speech.
“I think Dutch Lube Company is a good initiative for India and Bangladesh. It is a unique company for knitting oil. We should create production facility in Bangladesh. We will give our best support to our customers at the right time and in best quality product”, said Vjesh Babuhui Patel, Chairman, Dutch Lube Company Ltd while addressing the audience of the inauguration ceremony.
Md. Salahuddin Ahamed, Additional Secretory, Ministry of Public Administration; Mr. Nazmul Islam, Managing director, Ratul Group; Md. Nizam Sheab Shabaz, Managing Director, Shahbaz Group also delivered their speech at the ceremony.

Seminar on “Quality and Evaluation of Knitting Lubricant” held at BUTex

In process of development studies Textile Machine Design & Maintenance and BUTex TEXMACH Society organized seminar on quality and evaluation of knitting lubricant recently in BUTex Seminar room.


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